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1 to 4 Showings


Per DayEach Billboard Location

5 to 10 Showings


Per DayEach Billboard Location

11 to 20 Showings


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21 to 30 Showings


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The FINE Print

  • All contracts received signed from any of our customers which includes but not limited to businesses, individuals, companies, ad agencies, pr firms, are final and can not be cancelled once we have a signed document in hand.
  • There is a NO Cancellation policy on all contracts.
  • Once a contract is signed with our company you are liable for full payment immediately to Daily Billboards. Ad agencies are responsible for the contract and payment in full on that contract even if they lose their client anytime during the contract. Your days reserved can not be altered or cancelled in our system in the event this happens.
  • The company/individual is responsible for immediate payment at the time of contract signing.
  • Payments can not be extended and customers can not assume they can extend payment options at any point in doing business with Daily Billboards.
  • Once your days are reserved in our system they are final. You can not make changes to your days once entered in our reservations system at any point during your contract.
  • The customer is responsible for remembering to submit their message 7 days prior to the start of their advertising via our website. Please put a reminder in your calendar or submit immediately when you sign the contract.
  • When a representative of your company/agency signs a contract with Daily Billboards your company is liable for full payment of that contract.
  • Reservations are locked in after 4:00 PM the day you book your Billboards. No changes can be made to your reservation going forward from that point. Dates and Billboard Locations will not be changed after booking.
  • Agency discounts are NOT recognized. All prices are net to Daily Billboard. A contract will be executed for all showings. 1 showing = 1 day on a Daily Billboard. All advertising is pre-paid.
  • All days in your package must be used in a 12 month time period unless written on the contract by a representative on Daily Billboards for an extension.
  • You are responsible to reserve your days before a 6 month time period, and can reserve up to a year in advance.